Guidelines for Outside Church Services in Summer 2020

Greetings church friends and family!
We have missed meeting together over the last weeks. The Deacons have consulted with the Pastor and want to invite you to come back to church. Well, just the outside of church right now. It’s summer and the weather has been pleasant so far. So, we can meet at church and worship together. But it’s going to be different, due to the virus and concerns for everyone’s health.
We will start these outside services on Sunday, June 14 2020 at 10 AM.

Here is a list of important things about these services:
● Service starts at 10:00AM on Sunday.
● We will meet outside in the parking lot on the south end.
● We can stay in our cars or bring our own lawn chairs and set them up near our car.
● We will maintain a six foot distance from one another (from other families).
● We will all wear masks. Extra masks will be available at the service.
● Pastor will preach in front of the rear entrance door, under the roof. He will have a microphone and
speakers for a public address system.
● We will have prayers and worship much like the services that Pastor Dave has been doing each week
on Facebook Live. That’s it for now. No music, no communion.
● We will continue to broadcast the service on Facebook Live.
● The services will only last about 30 minutes.
● The church doors will remain locked.
● That means no access to the church bathroom facilities. Plan ahead!
● No hymns or hymnals.
● No bulletins.
● No offering plate.
● No snacks or coffee served.
● The church mailbox will be open to accept your offerings in cash or checks during the service. We won’t pass the offering plate. You can continue to snail-mail your offering checks to the church, if that works better for you.
● If the weather is bad, we won’t meet at church, but Pastor Dave will still do the Facebook Live
broadcast. We will try to announce cancellations on email and Facebook, but it doesn’t work
100% so please don’t be angry if we cancel at church.
● If you don’t feel well, please stay home.
● If you are at high risk from getting sick, please stay home.
● If sitting outside in your car or in the parking lot sounds uncomfortable to you, please stay home.
This plan gives us a chance to visit and worship together, at least for the summer.